Craft Beer Week Scavenger Hunt

Its almost time for Bozeman's first craft beer week! Tour de Foam is proud to host a scavenger hunt all week long as a sponsored event for the beer festival. The rules and clues are posted below. Good luck, have fun and happy drinking! Email us at for a pdf copy for printing.


Tour de Foam Craft Beer Week Scavenger Hunt

Participants must complete all items of this checklist within the time it is released and the end of Bozeman Craft Beer Week on May 13th 2017.

Photographic proof of certain items may be required. They are identified below. (Take a picture with your phone)

The first 20 people to turn in a completed scavenger hunt to any TDF representative at various events throughout Craft Beer Week will receive prizes including T-shirts, Growlers, and Hats, and beers! Check website for events/locations we’ll be at though the week.


1.      Find and drink a beer brewed in state, but not in Bozeman, that is named and flavored after a very painful part of our state’s plant life. Bring the can!


2.      On our website ( look around for the brewery in town that is central to our Foam and Food Tour. Go there and eat a piece of their famous pepperoni pizza, and take a picture!


3.      While you’re at the brewery from #2, scour the menu for a tasty brew named after the rowdy section of whitewater local’s flock to up the Gallatin River. Have a taste and be prepared to tell us what it’s called, and what style it is!


4.      Head out to Outlaw Brewing and test your strength on tough guy/gal Tuesday! Every pull up you do in the tasting room gives you $.25 off your first beer. Grab your favorite brew, take a photo and tell us how many you did!


5.      Find a Scotch Ale, brewed in Montana, and enjoy it somewhere nice. Make sure to bring us the can, and tell us the other name for the beer style! (Hint, 2 words, and it’s printed on the can of a certain scotch ale brewed in a little town up in the corner of our state.)


6.      Make your way to Bozeman’s only downtown brewery and get a taster flight of 6 (your choice). Line them up from lightest to darkest on the famous frost rail, and snap a photo before you enjoy some of Bozeman’s best!


7.      While you’re there, peek in the back through the windows at the brewing equipment, and tell us the name of the tanks on the left closest to you.


8.      Get a sticker from each brewery you visit (we hope you read this whole checklist before you started!) and stick them on your growler. Show us the stickers!

If you are drinking, ALWAYS USE A DESIGNATED DRIVER. Designated drivers for this scavenger hunt will receive the same prizes their team earns.

Next time, let us be your guide. Hop on at and join us on Bozeman’s original, and highest rated drinking tours, where the beer, driving, and entertainment is all on us!